Sunday, May 17, 2009

i'm done with blogging...
screw it..

wont be updating for awhile

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11:42 PM

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2nd day of college was alright.
get to know some kawan..
yesterday 1 class was canceled so left 1 class.
the class was more of introduction and ice breakin.

the class was over-powered by girls..
7 guys and others are girls..

other then that, nothing much happened..
so now about Ns..


2nd week-6th week

get to know more friends all over the camp..
there are all kind of people in there..
u name it, they have it there..
in there, u cant always be the good guy..
have to be the bad guy once in awhile so no one will take u for granted and bully u.

kinda have fun there..
doing those activities and stuff..
but the classes are are UBER boring..
childish and boring..


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11:58 PM

Sunday, May 10, 2009

finally got time to blog..
came back on wednesday..
the day after that went to The One for orientation..
damn many leng lui and leng chai..
which means i no hope already..
wanna share Ns experience with u all.

lets start of with the 1st week...


1st week..

everything was shit on the first week..
1st day everyone was acting cool and all..
juz sit at their own bed and chill..
then luckily got to know 2 guys..

the food was shit..
and time passes slow..
minutes like hours..


2nd week will be on the next post..
and pics will be posted..
wanna go take some rest already..

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11:00 PM

Friday, April 3, 2009

today was a nice day..

now i'm single..
we broke up..
1year 4months 3days..
wont be bloggin today..

ps : if u're reading this, i just wanna let u know that all the things we've been thru will be always in my mind.

this is 1 of her fav song.
she had once thought me to play this on piano.
would like to dedicate this song to her.
byebye connie..~

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8:03 PM

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

this should be my last post till i come back from NS..
i still havent pack my stuff..
now i got mixed feelings..
want to go to NS to see hows it like but at the same time will miss every single thing here..
my friends, her, this laptop, my songs, astro, her, my stupid brother
hope she feels the same la..

went to Paparich with the gang last night.
more-a-less the gang that went yuan's.
YenMei, YeeHan, YunCi, ChingMin, Yee Shien, Louis, WyeSun, SiokAi, MinMin, EeLain.
and some from other class.
Isaac, Clement, WeiRen, WaiYee and still got some more dont know who.
it was quite fun..

kai li

yen mei

yen mei, yee han, kai li, ching minwye sun

my camp mate..aint she cute..

everyone was talkin' and laughin'.
then all high till play cards.
suddenly it feels like a gamblin den.
luckily no police.

then went on 2nd round to Tanjung.

out of a suddenly i start hanging out with YenMei and her gang..
or at least it feels like i'm hanging out with them..
it was fun tho..
real fun..
all crazy women.

went to melur with wern, mugilen and tong yuan.
hang out awhile till i got totally screwed in somethin..
was suppose to take a passport photo for 1 of the form for NS.
and i just faked a passport photo..
cincai la..
kan cheong sia..
before go NS also gotta do somethin stupid.

lazy post photo la..
ciao people..
wont be here till june..
gonna miss every single one of you..
you, you and you..
*sob sob*

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11:56 AM

Monday, March 16, 2009

something epic happened today.
was in the cinema.
others are buyin drinks..
i went to toilet.
was wandering why the toilet was so clean
when doin my business.
i heard some fellas were coming in.
didnt really pay attention to that..
then when i looked around i say a bin saying.
"dispose sanitary napkin here"
i was like what the fuck?
then i heard there is 2 females voice from other cubicle.
i quickly run out of the toilet..
pai seh..

after that i was thinkin.
why didnt the girls see me?
cause i didnt close the door when during business..
either they really didnt see me or i look like the toilet cleaner..

i haz PHAIL!!

frm past till now at-
9:42 PM

i'm back..
yesterday went to Lagoon and Yuan's for class gathering..
end up only 5 turn up for Lagoon.
YunCi, MinMin, ChiaSyn, WyeSun and i.
it was fun tho..
running here and there..
just skip the details..
and go for the pics..



us and hawaiian chicks

>.< aheemm

can see me?

nigel and his chick..he wish.. xD


then went to Yuan's for dinner.
15 of us turn up includin me..
YunCi, EeLain, MinMin, ChiaSyn, YeeShien, ChingMin, YeeHan, Louis, SiokAi, Daphne, SanSan, SueLing, YenMei, WyeSun
its was crazy..
i mean it..
everyone are fighting for the chicken wing..
and i'm one of them..
Louis was the gentleman..serving all the girls...
all of us are enjoyin the food and all..
till all of them go on a camwhore rampage..
they were snappin away.
our table is the noisiest.
others were lookin at us as if we're mad or somethin..
we just continue make noise as if its our dad's shop..

girls and i


nigel , louis

dont take my pic..

ok..take it..
>.< couple look-a-like

my turn..haha




after all that..
YenMei say she's goin SS2 with her gang for supper.
YeeShien wanted to go.
but he have to fetch some of us home..
so he cant.
then i think YenMei ajak me go.
then i follow lo..
apa lagi..
ikut je la..
gonna go NS in a few days..

reached SS2 around 20mins later.
luckily we arrived safely..

caught in action.

it was fun hanging out with girls.
gossip and all.
i'm not gay..
however u wanna put it, i dont mind..
that all for yesterday i think..
and i spend 13 hours having fun..

then went to summit AGAIN today..
went to watch movie..

race to witch mountain..

it was a alright film.
can kill some time.

thats all for today.
and i'm going NS on Thursday..
2 more days to enjoy..

frm past till now at-
8:29 PM


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